We are a team of four, the two older members of the team would call it a family, the two younger members, prefer team. Funnily enough, the two younger members are in charge. They are teenagers Dylan & Lewis. The two older members are not very used to, or good at doing as we are told. We are Michael & Tracy.

It was the teenagers idea to create a website that filled a gap related to the business the old ones have done for a good few years, Stationery & Pens. We were asked to supervise from a distance and make sure we gave advice in a manner that teenagers understand and appreciate (an impossible task I think). Oh yes and guarantee the financial part, that’s Tracy’s department.

We saw a gap in the colouring world, we want to produce a one stop shop dedicated to great colouring books, amazing colouring supplies and lots more related creative tasks. We have chosen great quality products at good prices. We won’t be a site that sells at ridiculous prices, high or low. We want to provide a great range for people to discover or source what they love or what they need.

We aim to supply in good time, with a swift resolution to any problem encountered. We do appreciate how important it is to provide you with what you need in the shortest possible time, at a fair price. 

I was under the impression that we had two young experts in work avoidance and dreaming of how to spend imminent internet riches. As it turned out they are taking the running of the site seriously and very keen to prove the old man wrong. As a team (family) we all have our roles and are excited to be serving the world of colouring.

Happy Colouring

Dylan, Lewis, Tracy & Michael